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Ultimate K9 Companion


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Train Your Dog To Be The Ultimate Companion!

This fantastic program will help you train your dog to be like a service dog by focusing on the following:

  1. Giving you his full attention
  2. Ignoring high levels of distraction
  3. Distance control
  4. Focusing on you while in motion
  5. Distance control with voice & hand signals
  6. A controlled "stand"
  7. Off leash training
  8. Ignoring other dogs - even while off leash
  9. Training your dog to work - for fun mental stimulation & exercise
  10. "Bomb Proofing" your dog

If you want "that" dog, the one who stands out in a crowd because of their impeccable manners and rock-solid focus on their owner, this is the program for you!

The Ultimate K9 Companion program is an 8-week course that includes weekly live Q & A calls with our trainer. 

Join now - you've got nothing to lose, and an amazing dog to gain!


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