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Leave it the F@#% Alone


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Got a dog that's FRUSTRATING? Driving you NUTS? Wish your dog could be trusted to behave, even when you're not looking? Here's the answer...OFF LIMITS training!

“Leave It The F@#% Alone” Video Training has been designed to help you quickly break BAD DOG habits that are making your dog difficult to live with…

… By showing you how to use proven behavioral science to teach your dog to:

  • Think for himself,
  • ​Understand your expectations,
  • ​Apply what you teach him to NEW situations, places, and people,
  • ​All WITHOUT needing commands or bribes,
  • ​And WITHOUT needing corrections & discipline!

I'll give you instant access to 24 SHORT watch-on-demand videos...

Each one deals with the COMMON "bad dog" habits we've talked about here!

Plus, I also provide printable CHEAT SHEETS that you can print and take with you (or keep handy on your mobile device) for quick reference!


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