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Impulse Control


Product Details

Impulse Control is a course that teaches you how to use 7 different types of Brain-Retraining games to teach your dog how to finally learn to control his over excited impulses.

This course is specifically designed to help impulses like:

  • Chasing anything that moves (cats, bikes, kids...)
  •  Rushing to the door to greet guests with too much excitement
  •  Stealing food ... from hands, tables, and counters!
  •  Pushing past you, through ANY open door
  •  Jumping out of the car, before you’re ready with the leash
  •  Running down stairs too fast (knocking into people)

The entire course is available from a mobile friendly members area, so that you get instant access to the entire program when you order... even if you order at 2am.


***This is a digital product***
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