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House Manners


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If you have a dog who obeys the rules of your house when he knows you're watching, but likes to get naughty when he knows you aren't paying attention, then our House Manners training program is for you.

House Manners was designed to fix those annoying dog problems that happen when you aren't there to make sure your dog's being good.

So inside House Manners we teach your dog how to do things like:

  • Stop sniffing crotches of guests who come over
  • Stop stealing food off the counters
  • How to stay out of certain rooms in your home (like ones with really nice carpet)
  • Tricks for breaking your dog's garbage raiding habit
  • And much, much more

Basically if you would like your dog to obey the rules of your house, even when you aren't paying attention to him, then the secrets inside this program are going to be exactly what you're looking for.

So your dog can behave, even when you're not making sure he behaves.


***This is a digital product***
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