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Calm Dog Bootcamp


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Introducing the Calm Dog Bootcamp...our 8-week comprehensive program designed to take your dog to an elite level of calm.

Every dog lover wants their dog to know how to stay calm. Many dog owners I know struggle with not trusting their dogs enough to take them into public because they’re always barking at other dogs, scaring folks on the sidewalk and are ANYTHING but relaxing and enjoyable, until they go through my Calm Dog Bootcamp training program…

Then… they relax and enjoy how calm and easy-going their dog becomes in public…when they learn that there are proven processes for getting dogs to be NON-reactive.

The answer, thanks to the dedication of the unique type of dog trainers working with, who’ve dedicated their lives to teaching dogs to have perfect manners out in busy public settings like parks, beaches and even grocery stores, is now one simple click away.

Ready to be the envy of the neighborhood?


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