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Walking Calmly


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Are You Walking The Dog… Or Is Your Dog Walking You?

Here’s How “Attention-Control” Will Put You In Charge

Inside our Walking Calmly program you will find three simple games to help teach your dog this incredible level of attention: The Look-A-Way Game, The Watch Me Game, and The Mirror Game. 

As you easily go through the training and start seeing steady improvements right away, you may crack a smile over how much better you feel about yourself.

You’ll see a whole new side to your dog, where you now look forward to strolling outdoors with him because he's more obedient.

And as you see your dog learn to move at your pace, traveling by your side, you’ll be able to walk more often and travel longer distances together, to the point where you can confidently take your dog anywhere, because he’ll be on his best behavior.

And you'll finally begin enjoying the calm and relaxing activity every dog owner deserves to have - Walking Calmly!


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